Learn shapening skills and trade secrets with my DVD course

Make $200 – $500. a day or more by Scissor and Clipper Blades sharpening for hair salon, pet groomers and others.

Learn the money making trade of scissor and clipper sharpening with the magic of DVD’s for only for $299.00 or Clipper blade sharpening only for $99.00.

Hair salons and pet groomers are always looking for good sharpeners as many aclaimed sharpener only ruin the shears and clipper blades. I Wilson Gracey the seller of these DVD course have been told by hundred’s of hair salon and pet groomers that I am the best sharpener that they have seen in Ontario Canada. After my training I’ve continued to perfect the sharpening trade. I’d like to share all that I’ve learned with you. This DVD course also comes with a 35-page book pact with sharpening secrets using helpful pictures and illustrations.

Most one day sharpening courses in the cost as much $300 or much more per day plus hotel cost while there. Keep in mind you will not learn what it took me 15 years to master. One or two days of schooling is just the being of a long rocky road in the sharpening business. I know I traveled that road! My DVD home course will teach you the things it took me 15 years and more to learn. With these trade secrets in you hands you can start making good money up front without years of trial and error. Keep in mind you will always have the DVD’s and the 35 page book to go over the secrets again and again so you will never for get any thing.

Call me for more details at 905-736-0260

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