How to Sharpen Scissors and Shears DVD 1

From these videos you can learn the basics needed to become a professional sharpener. With the information we provide you and a lot of practice you can be well on your way to becoming a successful sharpener. This video set is designed to take you progressively from simple to more difficult sharpening jobs.

In these videos a master sharpener will take you, step by step, through the basic sharpening process of all types of scissors, shears, clipper blades, knives, and other items you might like to work with. We provide tips that will make sharpening easier and more professional. You will learn the parts of the equipment that you are sharpening and many important aspects you need to understand about them. We also provide examples of potential problems you may encounter when sharpening. It is important to remember to practice and become comfortable with each level before moving on to more complicated sharpening. Moving too quickly or skipping steps guarantees more mistakes and will likely slow your progress.


This video starts with an introduction to the tools of the trade. We will teach you about

  • different sharpeners & buffers for all types of scissors/shears
  • honing blocks
  • scissor straightener
  • scissor adjusting pliers
  • the value of using a magnetic dish
  • using a rust eraser
  • the importance of wearing a protective mask


In this video we also show you basic scissor sharpening—dollar store scissors, utility shears, and cast iron sewing shears. Here you will learn the parts of scissors and how to


  • find the proper angle for sharpening
  • set the clamp
  • do a scratch test
  • adjust the sharpening angle
  • know if you are sharpening properly
  • remove the sharpening burr
  • buff the sharpened scissors
  • remove the buffing burr
  • fine tune your sharpening job
  • distinguish between scissors and shears
  • erase rust off scissors/shears

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